“Ken Burns” Effect Video Innovative Media For Every Outlet

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Project Description

The “Ken Burns” Photo Video is a video created from the still images of the property, we use a technique which involves a mixture of panning and zooming on the still images to create a smooth flowing video with a “feel” like a walk-through video. This is a very cost-effective alternative to the more expensive traditional video shoot. Most of the benefits of video production without the high production costs.

It creates a feeling of space and allows us to feature both detail and general in the same shot. It creates a more emotional video like experience. It creates view engagement which they are more likely to remember and share. Playable on all online platforms, it also provides the greatest reach for driving demand for your listings. The “Ken Burns” Photo Video can be set to 60 seconds long to ensure the broadest social media compatibility and user attention. It can be used on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your own website, or any other site with a conventional online video player.

Available options include music, custom audio, agent branding and introductions and the application of a Statement of Information to the closing frame of the video presentation.

We apply a customisable template that provides information about the property which and include a property location, description, sale type (e.g. Auction), and the agent details. Our Social Media Management tool allows you to select the social media platforms you would like the media to loaded to and we will load it directly, saving you time and money as this can otherwise be a time and resource consuming task.

Product Pricing

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