Social Media

Multi User

With Synapse you can manage separate social media accounts for the business and individual agent accounts with ease.

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Multi Upload

Upload your media directly to multiple social media platforms directly from the Synapse Social Media Management Tools.

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Media Management

All of your media products produced within 48 hours on hand in one place ready for use in every digital media outlet.

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Timed Posts

You choose when your video goes live. Time your posts for automatic upload at the time to the best advantage of your listing.

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Full Coverage Digital

The multiple digital media outlets available to us today create a variety of challenges for creating a digital video message that works in all environments. Different outlets have different time constraints or media formats which make it difficult to innovate while maintaining universal web and social media coverage. Such extensive reach not only promotes sales but provides enormous credibility as an innovator with your vendors.

Designed to build on brand recognition as much as promote specific properties, Synapse media packages provide compatibility with every delivery platform. One package with options for every outlet. From 360-degree video on YouTube or Facebook, short video for Twitter and Instagram, or interactive virtual tours. Compatible with computer, tablet, smartphone or VR goggles, your message is available on every platform through every device, 24 hours a day.

SEO Optimisation

Estimates are that by the end of the decade 80% of all internet traffic will be video. The popularity of online video presents a huge opportunity for SEOs purposes. But only for those willing to get creative to achieve results. Search engines however are not just about Google. YouTube is a hugely important search engine. So, getting videos into YouTube gets your listings into the second largest search environment on the web today.

Remember, quality is just as important when it comes to online video as it is when producing any other form of content. You want media that is both memorable and shareable. This is why Synapse goes to great lengths to provide the best product options with the best performance quality. Having extensive video real estate is all the more important because Google likes to insert videos into its search results. This gives you not only the advantage of video search but also a boost in regular google search results.

Community Strategy

A strategy that is gaining some momentum in Real Estate is a focus on community involvement on the agency principal social media page. Building relationships through community involvement makes a genuine connection with your customers. The focus on community credentials in the organisations primary social media presence, while a worthy technique, creates additional work for the agency in terms of distributing listing related media.

Individual agent pages which focus on their branding and listings are harder to manage in terms of needing to post to many accounts multiplying the workload for agent and agency alike. A unique aspect of the Synapse service is the ability to manage the social media distribution of your media at an individual agent level. The ability to automatically post videos to the social media feeds of each individual listing agent saves a huge amount of time and money while maximising the effect of the listings marketing coverage.

Rental Strategy

Rentals occupy a unique place in the market. A high volume quick turnaround market. Getting your listings in front of potential renters fast is imperative to getting the best returns for your clients. An underused and overlooked strategy in the rental market is using the nature and power of social media to keep in contact with potential renters. Potential renters can follow your rental feed receiving up to the second news of new properties to rent from your agency.

Synapse 360 degree rental videos are uniquely suited to this form of dynamic marketing. Within an hour of uploading the images a brief 360-degree video tour of the property is online and in your feed. This gives potential renter a remote walkthrough and a perfect way of prequalifying property saving you time and resources. It provides a significant point of differentiation in agency capability which demonstrates innovation to your potential clients when looking for an agency to manage their investment property.


Compatible options in both 360 degree video and regular video presentations.


Compatible options in both 360 degree video and regular video presentations.


Shorter video presentations available for inclusion in tweets within your feed.


"Ken Burns" Effect Photo Video and live production video cut for Instagram.


360 degree image compatible and link out to video for improved SEO.

Chrome Cast

Capable of casting traditional video products to large displays for client presentations.

Multi Listing Sites

Compatible with YouTube embedded video and Virtual Tour links from major sites.


Both 360 Degree Video and tradition video compatibility with the Vimeo player.

Web Browser

All Synapse products can be viewed from a web browser independent or within your site.

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