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Our system and 360 in context
Other systems either stick with the traditional service where they take the images using complex equipment and charge more than 3 times our price without image enhancement. Or they are focused on capture methods using smart phones that involve you attempting to rotate perfectly on the spot, (somewhat like a robot), while holding the phone perfectly level in front of you. Frankly this will drive you crazy, because if you move the phone slightly out of line in any axis, it will make you start again. And all this effort only to produce a cylinder view instead of a sphere, so you can’t see the floor or ceiling and it is not compatible with YouTube and Facebook.
It is the perfect marketing tool for property, it enables potential buyers to interactively explore properties as if they were at an open for inspection, but they can do this at a time that suits them and in the comfort of their own home. This means they are likely to look through a greater number of potential properties, and from a vendor’s perspective the more that look through their property the better, so it is better for their property to be one that they can look through in this manner. At open for inspections you keep track of the number of people inspecting the property, it is also possible to see the number of views a 360 Virtual Tour / Video gets.
Landlords will have the ability to inspect their property (as of the last inspection shoot), in 360 where they can look around as if they were there. This is a great selling point for you to win new landlords and retain your current portfolio, it will give you the competitive advantage as this is a significant point of differentiation. 360 images have the advantage of context, because the image is a complete sphere it captures the whole environment / room, and is therefore particularly useful for identifying changes and their relative placement in the room. This can provide useful evidence in VCAT hearings, we can also verify the image date / time uploaded.
This is not likely, 360 has been steadily gaining popularity as the viewing device technology has been improving. It is now near the tipping point where its application will be widespread. Certain industries are better suited to utilising the technology, the real estate industry is certainly one.
Yes, we have competitors, but not directly. Of course, we keep an eye on competition, we can tell you from our research that they are not taking the same approach as us. They are either too expensive, too complex, or not even the same product and consequently not compatible with YouTube and Facebook. They do not include image enhancement, and in most cases, do not have an actual product that you get to keep, instead only a link. This is significant as it denies you the opportunity to drive traffic from the 360 Tours / Video back to your site or page.
Capturing the images is easy and that is why we suggest you do that part yourself, it is the only way to get the price point for the vendors down to this price. The processing of the images to produce such a polished product is much more complex and time consuming, you are unlikely to enjoy doing this, we have skilled people that specialise in this. Our social media management tools are another advantage of using our system, they simplify the process of uploading the finished products to your selected social media sites saving you time. Less load is placed on your office internet connection because the management tool uploads directly from our servers to your social media sites.
Yes, you can, provided the host where you want to use it has the framework for 360 Video, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. You own the media, so you can put it in as many places as you wish. If you wish to place it somewhere that cannot host it, then you will need to place a link back to your Facebook or YouTube posting instead. The videos can run in an ‘iFrame’ within a webpage if you wish, your web administrator can advise you on how to do this.
Using the System
This system is made possible by how easy it is to use the Gear 360 camera. The camera was only released in 2016 and stands out among its competitors for its ease of use and quality of image. The camera is controlled remotely by the Samsung S7 phone included in the equipment kit, making it very easy to operate. Just tap the shutter button to capture a complete 360 sphere. There are online video segments available to you always that demonstrate the process step by step so you are never alone. But once you have done one shoot, you will see how easy it is.
It takes very little time, each shot takes a few seconds and most rooms only require the two shots from a single position. So, most properties will take you less than 10 minutes to shoot all the images you need.
You can get your cadets, (if you have any), to take the images. Some larger agencies may choose to delegate the image capture to a dedicated staff member, there are no required skills, so even the most inexperienced junior can manage quite fine.
Yes, if agents choose they can film an introduction segment for the property, you just change the camera mode to video. An introduction in 360 video is innovative, it allows the agent to move around the camera leading the viewers focus to anything they wish. It is important to consider the length of the video segment, the file size for uploading is far greater and there are natural limits to viewer attention times.
Yes, you can! The Gear 360 camera can film video, it can do 4K resolution video but this can be changed to less resolution in the camera settings. We recommend that it be as short as possible to avoid long upload times as video files are significantly larger than still images, (actually 30 times larger). Video is only useful for capturing a moving or changing subject, the 360 video of the property is much better composed from 360 still images as the subject is static with the user interacting to change their view within the images.
Yes, if agents choose they can film an introduction segment for the property, you just change the camera mode to video. An introduction in 360 video is innovative, it allows the agent to move around the camera leading the viewers focus to anything they wish. It is important to consider the length of the video segment, the file size for uploading is far greater and there are natural limits to viewer attention times.
Worst case you may have to shoot the property again, it depends on exactly what has gone wrong. Some things we can fix, and some we can’t. It is unlikely you will stuff it up though, we provide resources online that will guide you, they are available to you on our website, so even if you are shooting a property and feel unsure about something, you can always access these resources using your phone.
Well, this can be done, but it requires the video to be completely rebuilt, so it is better to get all the shots you may possibly want, then you can select what you do want to be in the video when you upload the images to us. You can always leave images out at this point, but you can’t put images in that you don’t have.
There is no limit on the number of shots you can include. It is important to include all rooms and areas that anyone would want to see in a real-life inspection. Most rooms will normally only need 1 shot, but larger rooms may need more to cover them properly, it does come to what you think is sensible. If the property is very large and you end up with lots of shots, then we will need to allocate proportionately less time to each image. However, users still retain the interactive controls even when the video is paused on an image, so they can explore within each image for as long as they wish.
Yes, you can shoot outside, we guide you through this in the resources. There are certain considerations that you will be shown in the guide, but there is no problem with taking outside shots.
Everything you need to know about how to use the system can be found in our video guides, they can be found in the resources page on our website and they are always available to you. You can always take practice shots at the office, or anywhere you wish for that matter. You can review the shots using the S7 and the VR headset, this will give you a good feel for how the shots will appear in the video, except for the window enhancements and mono-pod removal.
Like all things, once you have done one, the next one is easier. If an agent feels strongly against taking the images, then perhaps they can enlist the help of a cadet if you have any, or perhaps another agent that is comfortable could help. Most offices will have a mix of people comfortable from the outset, and people that take longer to feel at home with the system. The younger generations have an advantage of having grown up with technology a big part of their lives, they are completely at home with technology and are usually very familiar with social media platforms also.
Once you have shot and uploaded the images to our server, we guarantee a maximum of 24 hours’ turnaround with your videos uploaded to your selected social media sites and or delivered to you.
You will be given a user ID and temporary password as part of the onboarding with us. You will then be able to login to our website, there you will find administration tools including an order form for a new video project. You fill in the form with the property details, which you can cut and paste from the listing for the property. To submit the order, you need to upload the images for the property, if the images are not available yet, you can save the order form with the details until they are available.
Maintenance of equipment
It is more practical for someone in your office, perhaps an administration person, to maintain the equipment, it is not hard and makes sense to keep the equipment kit ready to go. All this entails is to charge the batteries overnight ready for each day, keep the lenses on the camera clean and covered, and simply keep the equipment packed in the case ready to go.
If a device is not damaged but simply fails due to a fault, then it is covered by the Samsung warrantee. The device can be taken to any Samsung authorised repairer, if there is any significant delay and you have shoots lined up then contact us for loan equipment to be couriered out to you in the meantime.
The finance company that funds the equipment requires that the equipment is covered by insurance, you need to check your policy to ensure that it is covered. If anything happens to a device, then you should contact the insurance company to arrange either repair or replacement.
Social Media and 360 Video
Yes, you can put the 360 Video on your personal Facebook page, and yes, it is a good idea. You own the media produced from our system, so you can put it anywhere you wish. The more places you put the video the better; more views = more potential buyers = more competition = better outcomes. In the current environment where more focus is being placed on individual agents, it is almost essential to build on your own personal social media profiles. Interactive 360 media will give you the edge, it will be seen as innovative and the data shows the public are ready and embracing any new applications.
The interactive feature of 360 Video makes it ideal for social media, the data shows that engaging your customers with an interactive experience will lead to more shares and more followers. The need for personal social media profiles is becoming stronger with the rise of sites like “”. There is no escaping it, the social media savvy may need to help those in their agency that feel uncomfortable, not just with this, but with social media in general.
Recently the focus has shifted from the agency to the agent with the arrival of sites like “”. Vendors and buyers are encouraged to document their experience. Taking the images, yourself only adds to a positive experience for the vendor, it is professional contact demonstrating your interest and commitment to getting the best result while saving them money.
Administration and Finance
We do not have trial systems, BUT we are so confident that you will be happy when you use our system that we will GUARANTEE your satisfaction. We GUARANTEE that if after 3 months of using our system, (or 6 sales packages), you are not happy, or think it is not something you want to continue with, then we will take over the lease on the equipment and cancel our agreement.
The rental cost is $96 per month, but we will absorb this cost in the first 2 Sales Packages you order so that it costs your office nothing.
It costs you nothing effectively because we deduct the rental cost from the first 3 Sales Packages ordered for the month.
The Sales package costs includes a "Ken Burns"Effect Photo Video, a 360 Virtual Tour and a 360 Video. This package has been designed to have something for each of the major social media sites. Have a look at all our product pricing
Have a look at all our product pricing The package includes a 360 Video with the minimum number of images to cover the property (1 image per room). This is an interactive 360 Video, so the landlord can pause and explore any of the shots. This will be a great enticement for landlords to put their properties with you, they will effectively be able to inspect their property when they wish.
The "Ken Burns" Effect Photo Video is one of the most cost-effective products on the market today. There is different pricing for those with an agent introduction and those without. Have a look at all our product pricing
We will bill you at the end of each month with 14 day terms. We accept and prefer direct deposit, we can also accept credit card.

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