Benefits of 360 Degree Video & Virtual Reality in Real Estate Marketing

by Synapse Digital Media

Posted on April 21, 2016 at 3:42 PM

360 degree videos and virtual reality (VR) are emerging technologies in the video industry. As is the case with every other new technology, industries have found ways of benefiting from these two technological advancements. One such industry, is the real estate industry. Even though it is not reasonable to adapt to every new trend that comes along, 360 degree video and virtual reality are among those you shouldn’t ignore. In case you are still having doubts, here are a few of the benefits that real estate agents have gained out of this new technology:

Saves time and money

360 degree videos and virtual reality allows real estate clients to take a virtual tour without having to actually travel for long distances to see the houses that could be their future homes. By giving potential buyers a fairly accurate picture of the real estate property, a lot of time and money is saved since clients are able to focus only on what interests them.

Getting ahead of your competition

To excel in real estate marketing, you have to find a way of setting yourself apart from your competitors. 360 degree video/VR, when applied effectively, will make your website as well as the property you are selling stand out. Standing out from your competitors translates to more sales. Not only will potential clients spend more time on your website, they will also be more inclined to contact you compared to your competitors.

More Exposure

When people view the location featured in your 360 video/VR tour, they get to know of that particular location. Due to the amazing views and the pleasure that is experienced from virtual tours, people are likely to inform their friends and relatives of the wonderful experience. In the process, a lot of people get to learn of the real estate property resulting to more sales.

Conveying a more detailed view

Prior to the development of 360 video/VR it was not possible for clients to get a feel of the design and dimensions of real estate property, since clients had to depend mainly on pictures. With the new technology, clients are able to get a better understanding of the location. This ensures that clients are well informed when they finally decide to contact or visit a real estate agent.

Less effort from Homeowners

As a homeowner trying to sell his/her property, it will require you to do the necessary cleanup prior to the arrival of clients, even on short notice. This can require a lot of effort from your side to ensuring that the house remains flawless. However, with 360 video/VR tour this is only done once, when the house is at its best. This means that the only time you will need to cleanup is when a serious buyer, who is already well informed, comes to see your house.

From the benefits outlined above, we can conclude that integrating this new technology into real estate, will not only improve your clients’ experience but will also supercharge your marketing efforts. It is expected that this new video technology will get better in the coming days and will revolutionize the real estate industry. The days when a picture was worth a thousand words are long gone, videos are now worth a thousand pictures.

Education & Best Practice

At Synapse Digital Media we maintain a wealth of educational materials and guidance on industry best practice for our clients. Topics include the operation and process of using the 360 degree video systems, social media management, image administration, property staging, and online brand marketing.

These resources are being constantly updated to keep our clients informed about the latest innovations in the industry. Educational resources are only for the benefit of our valued clients and are accessed through the client portal.

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