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Samsung Gear 360

Project Description

The 360 Sales Package is designed specifically for marketing property using the cutting-edge features of 360 technology. 360-degree provides better visualisation of a property, immersive viewer engagement, exhibits your brand as an innovator, and demonstrates to vendors a commitment to driving demand for their property. The interactive component of 360 is engaging for the user and is proving to be “sticky”, typically resulting in following, sharing, and other forms of propagation increasing the reach of your marketing.

With major platforms such as Facebook and YouTube now support 360 videos the use of the technology for marketing is booming. It especially in well suited industries such as real estate. It has become increasingly important to participate in what is shaping up to be a significant shift toward 360 property marketing. Embracing the technology early will give you an edge, you will be an innovator rather than a follower.

Our Samsung Gear 360 camera is video capable, so an agent can do an introduction in 360 where they can move in the 360 space as they talk. If a full-service shoot is ordered, the agent can meet at the booking and our photographer will film the agent introduction for no extra cost.

The package includes free hosting for your 360 Virtual Tours on a branded sub-domain of 360image.com.au. During onboarding, we will consult with you to set up the appearance of your page to include your branding and the sub-domain name for your page. When customers visit this URL they will see a site with your name and branding that contains your 360 Virtual Tours.

Product Pricing

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