360 Property Management Innovative Media For Every Outlet

Samsung Gear 360

Project Description

The 360 Video for the rental package is approximately 30 seconds long, with no more than 4 to 5 shots. Allowing for better qualification of potential renter needs 360-degree video is made for fast moving markets such as property management. Perfect for a Facebook feed where new rental opportunities are delivered to your followers as soon as they are on the market with 360-degree image interactivity and immersive quality.

You will also be able to provide added security for the landlord in Civil Administrative Tribunal hearings with our upload verification service included in the package. We can provide a copy of the images together with written verification of their authenticity with respect to address associated with the images when uploaded, and the date / time of the upload. This provides context, so the relative location of damage, (or the lack of damage at the time of upload), within a room can be identified easily.

The package also enables you to offer a valuable service to your landlords that will give you a strong competitive advantage in new business, and improved landlord satisfaction with existing business. We will give you login details that you can pass to your landlord that will enable them to log in and interactively view the images, so your landlord can take their time to look through their investment.

This is a truly flat cost product, it does not matter how many times the property is submitted to us in each 12-month period allowing you to store the imaged and video from marketing efforts and multiple inspections.

Product Pricing

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